Archetypal Job

You have a job to do, and it won’t look anything like you think right now.

You think you were born to work hard in a job that pays your bills and which, at best, you enjoy 50% of the time?

You think your job is to raise children in a nucleus family, occasionally arguing with your partner, and overall being “fine”?

You think you were born to do something “great”; you just don’t quite know what that is?

You think you have done your job and now you deserve to rest and enjoy your pension?

You think you don’t know what your life purpose is, so you choose not to investigate it any further?

You think it is too late anyway, or you’re too old, or life purpose and archetypal jobs are for esoteric hippies with their heads in the clouds?

Forget all that.

You know nothing.

Yes, that’s correct. You know nothing.

That is where it all really starts to become interesting.

When you stop thinking and knowing, and you start not knowing and experiencing.

Becoming an Experimenter to find out all these things that you know nothing about: That is where life happens.

The not knowing is the only place you can launch into your destiny from.

All your thoughts about it are meagre attempts to keep you safe. I say meagre, because you read until here. You would not have read until here if there wasn’t a part of you that is bored of being safe. That part is thirsty for life, and it wants to be discovered, first and foremost: by yourself.

So, give this part a moment: Rip away all your knowing right now.
Feel your fear and look around you. Who are you when you have no identity? When you are not your name, your job, your relationships, your vanity, your safety, your body? Who are you right now when you stand in nothing?

I believe you when you say you don’t know.
How could you? This is a place you haven’t been before.
You may not even be able to conceive of the possibility.

So what?

Getting to that edge of your knowing is a path.

It takes tremendous courage to step on that path. It takes courage because the path leads far beyond the current standard culture that you have been familiar with for your whole life. People will tell you that you are crazy and that it cannot be done. (So what? They’re not on that path.) You may even believe that you are crazy and that you are the only person on the planet that has no place here. It is not true.

Going on that path is incredibly rewarding. Once you started on it, you won’t go back. You will meet other people that want to create a sustainable culture; you will meet other “crazy” people, people that are not willing to compromise their aliveness just so that others feel safe and comfortable around them; you will feel alive; you will grow up into adulthood; you will discover the vast potential out there that has been invisible to you for so long. That is, if you’re really stepping on that path.

It leads out of Patriarchy and into Archiarchy, the culture that comes now that Matriarchy and Patriarchy have run their course.

There are really interesting jobs to be chosen from the Archetypal lineages of Intimacy Journeyers, Gameworld Builders, Earth Guardians and Evolutionaries, as we build this next culture together.

We need Edgewalkers, Village Weavers, Healers, Visionaries, Planters of Seeds of Evolution, Illusion slayers, Alchemists, Multidimensional Doors to Universal Consciousness, Weavers of the Web of Evolution, Image Walkers, Nonlinear Storytellers, Word Smiths, Memetic Engineers, Unfolding Essences, Revealers of Life in Darkness, Evolutionary Midwives, Bardo Dancers, Fierce Hearts of Transformational Love, Tools for Transformation, Multidimensional Healers, Relationship Magicians, Next Culture Village Creators, Gameworld Consultants, Crust Exploders, Possibility Trainers, Possibility Trainer Trainers, Earth Whisperers, Rage Club Spaceholders, Fear Club Spaceholders, Sadness Club Spaceholders, Death Walkers, Aliveness and Incarnation Doulas, Water Cleansers, Whole Permaculturists, Abundance Midwives, Being Birth Helpers, Bridgebuilders, Riftwalkers, Possibilitators, Initiators, Nanonation Builders, Possibility Coaches, Feelings Practitioners, Possibility Psychologists, New Refugees, … and any other job that is on your bench and that only you can come up with because you have the necessity.

You don’t know where to start?

You could commit to your unique path by Being a Yes to it, without knowing how; letting yourself be shaped by your commitment. You could also contact me for Possibilities.

Julia Neumann

I am a pioneer exploring the edges of current realities, venturing into unknown territories to collaboratively co-create a regenerative culture in service of life. The best way I know how is to empower you to bring forth your unique gifts and dreams.

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