I was honoured to interview Ingrid Schmithüsen as my first guest in this episode. 

If you met Ingrid for the first time, you might think that she is a sweet woman. She can be. Yet she also has a sword. On her journey from being an adaptive woman she learned a few things about becoming a “conscious asshole” that I am really glad she is sharing here from her authentic place of exploration. Catapulted out of her fantasy of relating with her husband through “understanding” after having been diagnosed with possibly a terminal disease, she learned how to speak up for herself and say what she wants to say. Meanwhile the diagnosis of ALS has been confirmed. Ingrid’s at times slow speech may be a result of this disease. At the same time, Ingrid is on her healing journey.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a conscious asshole, contact Ingrid for coaching sessions: http://www.ingridschmithusen.org/

Ingrid mentions a few terms from Possibility Management (www.possibilitymanagement.org) which you may not be familiar with:

1) Box: Also known as belief system, worldview, mindset, reality structure, paradigm, self-image, identity, personality, psychology, comfort zone, or defense strategy.

2) Conscious anger: Your anger as a resource when used consciously rather than what you may have learned to associate with anger (unconscious, destructive, aggressive anger). https://consciousanger.mystrikingly.com/

2) Matrix: Consciousness expands at a certain speed limit. It can only increase as fast as you can build the energetic matrix to support it. Building matrix takes time. Building Matrix in your Being is like building good soil. https://buildmatrix.mystrikingly.com/

3) Gremlin: Archetypal King or Queen of your Shadow-world, Gremlin is that part you dedicated to protecting the Status Quo of your Box by creating Low Drama and serving Hidden Purposes. https://gremlin.mystrikingly.com/

4) EHP (Emotional Healing Process): A held space to heal Emotions (which are distinct from Feelings), so that you have more spaciousness inside yourself to relate to the world as it is, and not as you believe it is. https://4emotions.mystrikingly.com/
Both Ingrid and Julia hold space for EHPs and you can contact either if you’d like to hear more.

Thank you for listening!

If you would like to find out more about conscious anger: You can join the next Women’s Conscious Rage Club online, starting 21st Feb, 8-10:30pm CET / 22nd Feb 8-10:30am NZT: https://fb.me/e/2cXW2NFMG.

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