Courage. Gaia. Evolution. Possibility. Love.

I am a pioneer living and creating life in Aotearoa / New Zealand. About a year before emigrating to New Zealand in 2017, I had come across Possibility Management in Germany, and I was on fire. After years and years of entertaining my mind and undernourishing my emotional, energetic and archetypal bodies, I realised that it was an illusion: Life didn’t have to be hard and dreadful and heavy. I’m still detoxing from that lifelong thoughtware, and am feeling way lighter.

Coming to live in New Zealand meant I didn’t have access to Possibility Management trainings. The trainers were all in Germany at the time. What you long for you are here to create. So I did. I teamed up with Ana Norambuena and we brought Possibility Management to New Zealand. Since 2019, I am an Expand the Box trainer.

I feel tremendous joy at the human potential, the ancient wisdom that runs through our DNA, our cell memory, our immense creativity and our capacity to heal, transform and evolve.

Life is much bigger than what my German Box would have ever allowed me to imagine. Life is a non-linear force of nature and a mystery to be unfolded, explored, experienced.

From being a corporate lawyer, I shifted to being an Advocate for Life (and became a transformational potter along the way, but that’s another story).

As a Next Culture Visionary and a Sourceress Space Guardian in the service of life, I am here to walk beside you as you embark or continue on your own journey home to yourself, to your creative life force.

My passion is especially with empowering Women. Women consciously taking a stand is one of the biggest unused resources on the planet. When women go first, life stands a chance. A rising tide of women lifts the whole world.