You were born in a female body. You are archetypally “Everything”, deeply sensitive, full of innate feminine wisdom, and connected to life in its entirety.

Being born as a female in a patriarchal capitalist empire is a painful experience. Your birth culture has very limiting beliefs about females, and about life in general.

Playing along in a gameworld that kills life on planet Earth at the fastest rate possible is a terrible idea.

You were born to birth a next culture: A culture of Radical Responsibility, regeneration, and adulthood collaboration.

Let’s Create.

Women's Empowerment Possibility Management


Your Dignity is non-negotiable. You will need to honour your Dignity as a Woman if you are committed to creating next culture. Shift, feel, heal, practice, and transform so that you can stand in your Dignity.

NZD 340 per month (4 sessions), or
pay per session NZD 100-150
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Listening Space for Possibility, Empowerment, Transformation


Listening space for Possibility, Empowerment, Transformation.

NZD 100-150 per session (~1 hr)

Packages negotiable.

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Radically Alive Women Edgecast (broadcast for Edegeworkers) in which Women share their experiences, their stories, and what works for them and what doesn’t in creating and inhabiting next culture.

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It is for you, dear Woman, to go first in creating and inhabiting next culture.