Gain Clarity on what stands in your way of being your Authentic Self. Clarity creates Possibility. What wants to be seen, healed and transformed?

This is for you if you have tried the more or less traditional path. Despite some success, something is not quite working for you. You know that there is more to life than your 9-5 (or more) job. You know, in fact, that the world holds so much more potential than that. Maybe you even ventured out to try a different path, but the self-doubt remained: “What if I am truly, utterly forking up my life now? What if the others were right?”

I support you in being who you are at the core, so that you can Create your own path from the inside out.

I use mainly the distinctions and tools from Possibility Management. This means you may get to experience the distinctions of Feelings vs Emotions, 4 Feelings, Box Being and Gremlin, Numbness Bar, Ego States, and more.

Transformation Coaching can include Emotional Healing Processes as well as Transformational Listening Spaces, Possibility Speaking, Being Inter-view to discover your Nonmaterial Value, and more.

I will meet you where you are at and commit to your Being’s necessity.

Price range:
NZD / EUR / USD 150-100 per session.*
I recommend to book at least 4 sessions over a period of no more than 6 weeks.
NZD / EUR / USD 560-340 for a package of 4 sessions.*

Contact me to book a (free) 30-minutes introduction session.

* Prices are sliding scale, meaning you get to choose freely within the indicated price range to take into account your personal capacity. No justification needed.