Egg Hunt

The “Death and Resurrection Show” (DARS) is what happens in an evolutionary Gameworld such as Possibilica Village Hub. Every moment, a part of us can die and we come out the other end “resurrected”, in a transformed state.

Over the time commonly known as Easter in modern culture, we gathered to celebrate DARS. It was an extraordinary, high level fun experience that transformed everyone involved and created deep conscious connection amongst us villaging humans.

Here is the recipe for you (use it anytime, no need to wait for the next festivity):

1) One main spaceholder organises a “treasure hunt”.

2) Spaceholer, invite who you want, telling them the time and place for the treasure hunt. Ask everyone to write a Being appreciation for each of the human Beings attending, on separate pieces of paper.

You may not have come across a Being appreciation before. Appreciation of Being is honouring the qualities of someone’s Being, who they ARE, rather than what they have or what they do. Qualities of Being could be courage, authenticity, integrity, beauty, … . When appreciating the quality of someone’s Being, use flowery, poetic language. Let yourself be surprised how much that feeds your own Being.

3) Choose spots for hiding treasures. Per treasure, give clues for the next treasure on one piece of paper, and add a separate piece of paper with a Being appreciation. Write a Being appreciation for every human Being involved in the process and create as many “treasure stations” as you have Beings involved, including yourself (main spaceholder).

4) This is a winning happening game. Everyone plays together.

5) Hand out one first clue to the whole group.

6) As the treasure is discovered, you as the main spaceholder read out the Being appreciation. It will be pretty obvious who it is addressed to. If it isn’t, let the team guess. Afterwards, every team member reads out their Being appreciation to that same addressee. Everyone hands over the piece of paper to the respective Being with their appreciation after they’ve spoken it. After all Being appreciations to that one person have been expressed, one of the team reads the clue from that treasure station.

7) Continue the process until every treasure has been found and every Being has been appreciated, including you as the main spaceholder: for that purpose, write yourself a Being appreciation, or leave it empty. Either way: Receive your Being appreciation from the Team.

8) You may want to write something for the last treasure — a note with a poem to sum up the experience or to invite a continuation of the process.

Please go and flow appreciation of Beings into the world!

(Credit for inventing this ritual: Janet Redmond)

Julia Neumann

I am a pioneer exploring the edges of current realities, venturing into unknown territories to collaboratively co-create a regenerative culture in service of life. The best way I know how is to empower you to bring forth your unique gifts and dreams.

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