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Medicine Woman, Crafting Her Own: Michelle Manjarrez (Part 2)

In the first part of Michelle’s interview, she shared about her personal journey of becoming a Medicine Woman using plant medicine, and the two approaches of shamanic plant medicine and medical treatment with plant medicine and their characteristics.

In this episode, which is part 2 of our conversation, Michelle Manjarrez describes the gameworld she crafted out of her necessity of an approach that combined different modalities, which she had herself experienced as extremely powerful.

So this episode is about that: Crafting your own.

You will also get a glimpse into the healing journeys that Michelle offers, and her mentorship programme.

Michelle supports a local village in Mexico and you can donate to their cause here: https://gofundme/b18379e7

Julia Neumann

I am a pioneer exploring the edges of current realities, venturing into unknown territories to collaboratively co-create a regenerative culture in service of life. The best way I know how is to empower you to bring forth your unique gifts and dreams.

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