Patrizia Patz is Speaker, Trainer and Author. Patrizia’s website is in German; you can find her also on Facebook (with English posts). 

What does it mean to be radically alive? Is it only when you’re thriving and creative and doing? 

In this episode, it becomes clear that aliveness is not a show. It’s not about pretending to be alive in a certain way. Radical aliveness, rather, means to be authentic about where you are at right now. It is about the exact opposite of pretending. Then radical aliveness can look very differently.

Usually, Patrizia is full of what is commonly considered aliveness. As you will hear in this episode, this kind of aliveness is not where Patrizia was at around the time of the recording. Instead, she was in “Bardo state”. Bardo is a Tibetan Buddhist term to describe an intermediate, transitional, or liminal state between death and rebirth. It is a space where the old is gone and the new is not there yet. 

In these 20 minutes, Patrizia shares of her experience of being in a state of no internal impulses, how that differs from a state of depression or “swamp” / victimhood, its challenges, and how it is an invitation to observe oneself and one’s patterns. Together, we explore how this state is an essential part of being radically alive.

Patrizia’s aliveness comes through in this conversation with vulnerability and curiosity. I was deeply touched also by her exploration of how Bardo state is connected to her personal transition during menopause – a field lacking role models.

Hear what tips she has for you when you find yourself in “Bardo state”. 

Terms used in the recording that you may want to find out more about:

1) Gremlin:
The part of you that does whatever it takes for your childhood Survival Strategy to succeed.

2) Mixed Emotions:
One strategy to not feel the pain of all 4 feelings is to mix them into mixed emotions, such as depression, despair, or even burnout.

3) Liquid State:
A state of transformation. No liquid state – no change. The bad thing about experiencing a Liquid State is not knowing that it is a Liquid State. Once you learn what a Liquid State is and what you can use it for, your relationship to Liquid States changes totally. 

4) Conscious Sadness:
Neutral energy and information that can serve you. Sadness is the archetypal realm of the Lover or Communicator.

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