This week's guest Sally Greenwood is a fiery, alive woman running The Combat Center in West Auckland, where for a little more than a year she has been offering a women's empowerment programme called "Power Up".

Sally shares her personal journey, and her growing up process from having been an intensive care nurse, a really "good wife, good person, good girl" rescuing the world around her, to becoming the co-founder of The Combat Center. She shares of her inexplicable health problems, hitting rock bottom, and a recovery journey which lead her to a physical and emotional healing journey.

Listen in for a refreshing conversation that makes Sally's journey relatable far beyond her personal story. It is the perfect example of a woman's journey of adaptation and rescuing, fuelled by the fear of not being valuable unless she helps others. It shows a path of empowerment through reconnecting with her own physical body, own power, and agency. When Sally chose to go first, magically, a Village of Women appeared around her.

Sally has been using The Combat Center since as a doorway from modern culture to next women's culture, empowering and collaborating with women from where they are.

"As a business woman, as a mother, it is so important to have access to our clean anger."

"No one can do it for me; AND no one can stop me from doing it."

What you may want to read more about:

1) "Stellating" feelings means going all the way to 100%. When you can do that, you activate the archetypal force of that feeling, in the case of fear: the Magician; for anger: the Warrior(ess); for sadness: the Lover; for joy: the Possibilitator. You shift from a consumer to a creator (like from a planet to a star).

2) 3x3x3 Anger:
A practice of strengthening your "anger muscle" by committing to 3 months of 3 minutes of anger for 3 times a week. The way it goes: lie down on your back, then get angry and feel angry for 3 minutes (setting a timer helps). Let your body go wild. Make the sounds. (More instructions via the link)

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I am a pioneer exploring the edges of current realities, venturing into unknown territories to collaboratively co-create a regenerative culture in service of life. The best way I know how is to empower you to bring forth your unique gifts and dreams.

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