You are archetypally “Everything”, deeply sensitive, full of innate feminine wisdom, and connected to life in its entirety.

Maybe no one told you that.

Being born in a female body into a patriarchal capitalist empire is a painful experience. Sooner or later, you will have noticed that the prevalent culture, your birth culture, has very limiting beliefs about females, and about life in general.

Typical responses of girls finding themselves in current mainstream culture as they physically mature are: “I am not good enough”, “I am not worthy”, “There’s something wrong with me”. These core beliefs express themselves in later stages of life as perfectionism, depression, aggression, self-doubt, auto-immune disease, workaholism, etc.

Women have learned well to adapt to the patriarchal games of competition, over-focus on the rational mind, and just overall to be “the better man” in a men’s game. So even women that want something different and are willing to pave different paths, often end up doing so within the existing systems and structures. That is just make-up and does not cut to the core of the issues at stake.

Playing along in a gameworld that kills life on planet Earth at the fastest rate possible is a terrible idea. Something completely different is possible, and you could be part of the solution. In fact you were made to be part of the solution.

You were born to create something different.

It is your privilege, and your job, as a Woman.