We did it! Julia Neumann and her team from Radically Alive Women (RAW) raised a tide of funds for a Radically Alive Women Recording and Creation Studio, RAW Heart Quarters (HQ)!

The purpose of RAW HQ is to create a rain of Consciousness for Women across the globe: Waking a tide of women to step into their radical aliveness so that next culture becomes reality.

RAW HQ is a dedicated physical space for RAW Edgecast – for high quality recording, broadcasts and for the editing team to work their Magic.

What is RAW?

Radically Alive Women (RAW) is outside of modern culture: it is rooted in next culture, a culture of Radical Responsibility. Next culture is Archiarchy, a culture of adult Women and Men creatively collaborating.

Women hold a key for the future of human culture on the planet – distinctly from men. RAW gives women a glimpse into the thoughtware, journeys and decisions of Women who have decided to take back their power and create what they want in life, as the natural birthers of next culture.

The Project: Recording & Creation Studio

With the donation to RAW HQ, many have facilitated the building of a compact, natural, functional recording and creation studio with a sleeping mezzanine. It is a space built almost entirely from rough sawn timber milled in the neighbouring village. It is located in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

The studio serves as a recording and creation space for RAW Edgecast and as an office for administering and creating the overall context of “Radically Alive Women”. The sleeping mezzanine enables Radically Alive Women to host visitors.

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An incredible story of community building

A small building, one might say. Yet it is a fine example of community building – of community supporting and investing in a physical structure that enables the creation of nonmaterial value that fuels next culture creations. That’s a whole different perspective on shareholding!

This building is a seed for “something completely different is possible right now”!