Radically Alive

We need radically alive humans if we want this world to stand a chance.

Creatively collaborating with others, I empower women to go first by reclaiming their aliveness.

Radicle is the first root that shoots out from a seedling. It is strong and goes deep. This is what we’re creating with other women: Being the source, honoring our depth, being centered and grounded.

Reclaiming anger, sadness, fear and joy. Owning our shadows. Loving fiercely. Being wild, gentle, soft, playful, vulnerable. Dancing, moving, sitting still. Cooking, eating, sharing. Choosing the stories we have about each other and ourselves. Being radically honest. Holding each other, lifting each other up.

We are creating a Next Women’s Culture that leaves Patriarchy and Tall Poppy Syndrome behind. Find your next possibility to join us here.