Anger Training

What you’re angry about is what you care about.

Learn to use your anger as a resource consciously, instead of letting it run your life unconsciously by way of explosions or quietly smoldering away and leaking out sideways. You can reclaim this resource. You can take back your life.

Rage Club is a 4-6 weeks online or in-person format to start your conscious connection with anger. You can also book a one-on-one Anger Training.

Rage Club Disclaimer

By taking part in Rage Club, you take responsibility for your own experience – you decide which exercises you do and which you do not do. I support you in expressing your boundaries and taking care of yourself wisely.

Rage Club is not a therapy and does not replace it, although it may have a therapeutic effect. It is not recommended for people with diagnosed serious mental health problems. By signing up for this training you take responsibility for informing the trainer before the start of Rage Club about present or past experiences such as depression, neurosis, anxiety, suicide attempts, crisis, psychotherapy (in progress).