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YES and NO – Boundary Workshop Motueka

Learning to authentically say YES and NO is an essential skill for your life. Every moment of your day, you make decisions – either consciously or unconsciously. In this workshop, you will learn to make these decisions consciously, and especially you will learn to say No.
Your No is a boundary that makes space for your authentic Yes. If you cannot say No, every Yes is a potential lie.
From the day children are born, they ask for boundaries so that they can relax into being children in a safely held space. With clear, clean boundaries, children learn to make boundaries themselves – effortlessly.
If you have not experienced an embodied boundary from your parents or your own weren’t respected, you may find yourself as an adult struggling to say No, and to have a boundary. This may result in ending up in dangerous situations, doing things you don’t really want to do, being a push-over, and then resenting other people or yourself for your circumstances.
When you are centered and say Yes and No from your embodied experience, you can say what you want, how much physical touch is ok for you, what food you want to eat, when to end a conversation, and most importantly, you can maintain your boundaries.
Join this workshop to learn to set your embodied boundaries and make the transformational shifts necessary to land your clarity and care in the space.
You will learn fundamental & invaluable tools to:
– ground yourself
– center and re-center in times of turmoil
– access & harness blocked emotions
– notice your embodied boundaries and learn to say NO and YES
– shift reactivity into centered, conscious action
– discover the power of the energy of your conscious anger.
Annika Korsten – Women’s Coach, Food Alchemist, Village Weaver
Annika is transformation in action. She is a life-long researcher and apprentice to life unfolding the feminine in herself and Women. She holds a safe container for the power and information of the feelings to express, allowing shifts to create the life you want.
Julia Neumann – Game-World Doula – Weaving the Web of Evolution
Julia’s passion is to empower women to become radically alive in a culture that may seem as though it was not designed for females. Through her own journey of discovering her radical aliveness, she now opens an array of spaces for others to do the same.
When: 25th February 2pm – 5pm
Where: Riverside Community Centre, Motueka, NZ
Investment: $65
Transfer to: Annika Korsten, 389019009863504.
Once payment is received your spot is secured.
Join here:


Feb 25 2024


14:00 - 17:00




Julia Neumann

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