Introduction to Rage Club

Women’s Rage Club: Introduction

If you don’t take a stand for your life, who will?
The simple answer is: No one. because it is your job. That is good news because it gives you 100% charge of your life. It means no one can stop you!
I’ve been edgecasting “Radically Alive Women” over the past 3 months and one topic keeps coming up, even unasked for:
In order to be radically alive, a first step is to reclaim your conscious anger. With your conscious anger, you can say Yes! No! Stop!
Seemingly simple things like these change not only your life hugely, but also the life around you. If you have children, they will learn from your modelling. Your partner, friends, family will be able to relax into the clarity of your responses. In fact, you will be able to relax into the clarity of your responses. This frees your energy to do what you came.
Your anger is an ignition force for your radical aliveness. It helps you to access your clarity, to connect to your passion, to reclaim your voice, to say what you want and what you don’t want, to claim your space, to step out of being a nice girl, and more.
here to do.
Become Radically Alive by activating the power of your conscious anger as a resource, in a group of women. This introduction will give you a taste of what’s possible.
Another Introduction will take place on 4th May, 8-10am CEST / 6-8pm NZST.
The full Women’s Rage Club takes place online, 5 weekly sessions on Fridays, starting 12th May, 8-10am CEST / 6-8pm NZST.
Julia Neumann
Via Zoom. Link will be provided prior to the Introduction upon your registration.
NZ $15 / EUR 12
Register here.


Apr 28 2023


18:00 - 20:00






Julia Neumann

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