Rage Club Women's Anger

Women’s Rage Club 2.0

Sharpen your Sword of Clarity. Develop your Elegance. Be Unhookable. Connect with your Purpose.
You have been to a Rage Club before, maybe you’ve even been to a Women’s Rage Club 1.0, and you have integrated the experience of your conscious anger.
Now you are ready to discover the next layer of conscious anger for yourself. Your conscious anger needs practice and high-level feedback and coaching in a Team so that it can serve you for your purpose in life.
This is an online space to keep practicing your sword of clarity and develop more elegance with it, in service of your purpose, and in a team of Women committed to their conscious anger as a resource for their aliveness. This space is designed for you to create the necessary changes in your life with the use of your conscious anger.
Women’s Rage Club 2.0 involves becoming unhookable because… guess what?! When you have Clarity, Gremlins (who love unclarity) go wild!
Registrations are open: https://forms.gle/gah52MpJewdjMnPy9


Oct 11 2023


18:00 - 20:00

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Julia Neumann
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