Woman's Anger

Women’s Rage Club 1.0

Dear Woman,
You are witnessing the decay of patriarchy. It is in your hands to create the most beautiful world your heart knows is possible. It is in your hands to co-create the culture you want to thrive in.
How are you going to meet this opportunity?
I suggest you start by waking up and becoming Radically Alive!
It starts with Rage.
Were you taught that anger is bad, wrong, inappropriate, uncivilized, childish, dangerous, crazy? Maybe you were taught so well that you don’t feel angry?
Me too. Later I discovered this is an effective patriarchal strategy to keep me small, powerless, confused and perpetually giving my center, my voice and my authority away, to my parents, teachers, bosses, and whoever plays hierarchical games (still most people).
What happens is, when you make anger wrong and repress it, it is still alive, it is just unconscious. So it comes out as blame, resentment, passive-aggressiveness, and ultimately, on a smaller or larger scale, as war.
Gladly, something completely different is possible right now.
Rage, as natural as a volcano, giving birth, or a seed sprouting, is a neutral source of information for your life. In this journey you will explore how to use it to:
Say NO, and Yes (hint: if you can’t say No, your Yes doesn’t really mean anything)
Set and hold boundaries
Discover what you deeply care about
Be Centered and Grounded
Take a stand
Destroy and Create
Reclaim your Clarity, your Voice and your Authority
Become Conscious of your anger to change what you want to change
Be Present
A team of Radically Alive Women is forming to co-create a new culture, will you join?
Saturdays September 30 to October 21st at 6-8pm Mexico (UTC-6) / Sundays October 1st to October 22nd from 1-3pm NZT
Find your own time zone here: www.worldtimebuddy.com
150$ – 80$
Julia Neumann
Expert of Women’s Anger, RAW Spaceholder, Edgecaster, Creatress
Maria Diaz
Gaia embodied in Human form, Possibility Manager.
“I take a stand to empower women to hold space for their Rage. Gaia needs angry women, I am a doorway, are you in?”
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Sep 23 2023


13:00 - 15:00




Julia Neumann

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