Possibility Management for Women

Women’s Rage Circle

Dear Woman,
This is a fantastic time to be alive. Matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course, and the next cultures are emerging across the globe. It is literally in your hands to create the most beautiful world your heart and womb know is possible.
It is your archetypal job to co-create the culture you want to thrive in. When Women create their authentic culture, regeneration happens. Women are designed for that.
How do you want to meet this opportunity?
Waking up to the power of your conscious Anger is one essential key:
Used consciously – instead of the unconscious, destructive ways you may have encountered anger so far – your Anger serves you:
– To speak up;
– To know what you want;
– To be clear;
– To detect Bullshit;
– To make boundaries;
– To say Yes, and to say No (authentically);
– To stand in your authority, and
– To have your voice.
This Women’s Rage Circle offers you a safe training environment to practice that.
4 Sessions. Online.
Thursdays, from 25 April 2024, 2-4pm PDT / 5-7pm EDT
= Fridays, from 26 April 2024, 9-11am NZST
Find your own time zone here: www.worldtimebuddy.com
NZD / EUR / USD 200 – 100 (sliding scale: you choose within that range)
Spaceholder: Julia Neumann


Apr 26 2024


09:00 - 23:00






Julia Neumann

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