Wise Women Healing Garden: How to create spaces for Healing Happening

Have you heard of the Wise Women Healing Garden?

It is an Archetypal Garden space for Healing and Integration that was opened two years ago. You could try to say it is a variation of an Emotional Healing Intensive, and it would not be quite accurate.

The Wise Women Healing Garden was created by a team of Wise Women from all over the world, all of them experienced Possibility Management Coaches, many of them Trainers. This circle of women created individual and mutual spaces for Healing and Integration that makes it stand out from an Emotional Healing Intensive.

Join us for a conversation about the Wise Women Healing Garden, its specificities, and our lessons learned. We want to share with you our legends from two years of the Wise Women Healing Garden, what we found out that worked, and what did not work. Questions are welcome and could include:

What is the essence of a Healing Garden?
What is an Archetypal Healing space?
What does Healing mean?
How does the web of commitment of spaceholder, space and client work?
What does liquid state mean?
What is integration?
What is happening with the Wise Women Healing Garden?
Can I create a (Wise Women) Healing Garden?

Julia, Martina Riccarda and Susanne – we are three of the total 9 Wise Women from the Wise Women Healing Garden and invite you to this online talk.

The talk will be recorded and published.

When: Sunday 14th May, 9-10am CEST / 7-8pm NZST

Contribution: Your questions and EUR 10.

Please register here. You will receive a Zoom link upon your registration.



May 14 2023


19:00 - 20:00






Julia Neumann

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