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The Art of Asking

Asking is an Art.
It is an art because it is a skill to be learned. Asking for what you want makes you vulnerable.
When you ask, you put a question to someone and request an answer from them.
Their answer could be Yes or No.

Depending on the risk that you are taking with your question, it could seem like you are holding your tender heart out to the other, not knowing what they will do with it.

Most people are scared of that. They are especially scared to receive a No, because a No in their system equals rejection. It might cause them shame. Many people, I find, are also scared to receive a Yes, because it may mean that they have to go ahead with what they’re scared of doing.

Learning to ask for what you want is an adventure: An inner adventure in which you get to discover your blockages, your limiting beliefs, your stories, your power, your authority, your vulnerability, your connection with others. It is an adventure opening up doors for your evolution and creation.

In this WorkTalk we will explore the Art of Asking.
It may be that your first step is asking a clear question at all: Asking with Clarity and Courage; without apologies, and without lengthy introductions.

Will you join me?

Thursday, 6 July 2023, 8-10am CEST / 6-8pm NZST
NZD 20 / EUR 20

A WorkTalk is partly presentation, partly workshop. This means you will get to experiment in exercises and leave with a tangible new experience around The Art of Asking.

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Jul 06 2023


18:00 - 20:00






Julia Neumann

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