Gremlin and Being

Light and Shadow

We like to think of ourselves as enlightened beings, but that’s not how it goes. As a human, having light AND shadow is imminent.
In this training based in the context of Possibility Management, you will get to deepen your relationship with your Gremlin and your Being.
After several Gremlin Transformation Trainings, we noticed that while it is necessary to bring awareness to hidden purposes and the shadow strategies unconsciously sabotaging your life, it is also paramount to nourish your Being.
What participants of our last Gremlin Transformation said:
“This is my first online training and it totally put me on my edge. It was amazing: going into breakout rooms and working in smaller groups, with people all over the world, opened up the experience for me. It was also perfect for the Gremlin work that I am already doing, to keep the momentum up. It was awesome.”
“This was an amazing experience of collective intelligence. In the breakout rooms, I would be totally amazed by the things that people can notice about me and that I can notice about people, with very little information that we have about each other. Most of us met for the first time. I was amazed by the intimacy of the 3cells.
The Gremlin things were amazing, and when we had the Being exercise, that refreshed my energy tank. I got 100 percent that day. I discovered a superpower in me for appreciating the Being of another person in a nonlinear way. I love that superpower. I really enjoy training my Gremlin so I can give my gifts to the world without him interrupting, and rather having him on my side.”
“This has been a wild ride. It’s been an incredible opportunity to make guided progress in training my Gremlin.”
“I feel excitement. I am working on my Gremlin feeding schedule. I remember maybe a year ago trying to come up with a feeding schedule that was so unrealistic and unachievable for me, so to do this in little chunks feels really great. Also that we acknowledged our Beings and to have a Being schedule as well. All of this work is going to be ongoing for me.”
“This is the first online PM training that I’ve done. I was skeptical and I am really pleased with how it’s gone and how it feels. I found the breakout rooms work actually even better on Zoom because there’s no background noise.”
“I am grateful. I feel that I discovered acres of swamp that I never knew were there, but for every square inch of swamp there’s been an equal amount of brightness showing up. I really appreciate the Being schedule as well. I was surprised to find it almost harder to feed the Being.”
“It has been a really valuable time. It was very powerful to see 4 men coming together and exploring their white widow strategies together.”
“I got so much out of this training. I feel really alive. Realizing how much there is to learn and how much I can learn. I only met my Gremlin a couple of weeks before, so it’s just getting to know my Gremlin. S.P.A.R.K. 135 was very powerful for me. Very clear and sword-like.”
“Thank you Susanne and Julia so much for this holding, I really feel your passion and commitment for this work. That is really powerful for me.”
“I feel incredibly excited having discovered all this work. It is an invitation to such an amazing journey, and it will never get boring. It’s fascinating, wonderful. It’s hard but it’s worth it. Every time I go through my underworld there’s a new depth of beauty and possibility that is revealed. I finally found my life adventure. I feel really drawn to this work. It feels true and genuine to go through the underworld to the upper world. It’s finally a tradition I can trust.”
“I really appreciate the finesse and the clarity: Susanne with the finesse and Julia with the clarity. It’s wonderful for me when I get a Beep from you Julia with this clarity and at the same time kindness.”
“Finesse, and kindness, and clarity – I second that.”
Your spaceholders:
Susanne Hutzler and Julia Neumann.
Your investment:
EUR 180-240 / $ 240-300 sliding scale.
Have attended an Expand the Box Training and started relating with your Gremlin.
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Mar 05 2022


08:00 - 10:30

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