Introduction to Joy

Introduction to Joy Research Team

Join this crisp one-hour introduction to Joy Research Team, gifted to you from an abundance of Joy!
Being happy seems to be the biggest goal in modern culture. At the same time, if you look a bit closer, you realize that if you’re too joyful, you’re perceived as childish, not professional, or suspicious.
These are all good reasons to suppress your joy. If you cannot access your joy, you are limited in the possibilities available to you.
In a 5-weeks Joy Research Team starting 15th February, we will explore the potential of your conscious Joy.
You will get to explore:
* What are the qualities of Joy as a Feeling that serves you?
* What’s in the way for you to use Joy as a resource?
* How can you access your joy of life?
We noticed that, as people start out on their journey of conscious feelings, they often mistake unconscious (Gremlin) joy for the Feeling of Joy, and struggle to identify Joy in their body if it is not Gremlin joy.
Join us for this Introduction to find out more and bring your questions.
In order to join the Joy Research Team, you will need to have gone through Gremlin Transformation and participated in at least one Rage Club.
The Introduction and the Joy Research Team take place in the context of Possibility Management (
Gabriela Fagundes and Julia Neumann
Gifted Introduction: Wednesday 8th February, 8-9pm CET
Research Team: 5 Wednesdays, starting 15th February, 8-10pm CET (ending 8th March)
Join us here:…
Meeting ID: 828 1840 6801
Passcode: FeelingJoy
Gabriela Fagundes,


Feb 09 2023


08:00 - 21:00




Julia Neumann

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