Into the Dark Feminine

Into the Dark Feminine: Recovering your Deep Wisdom
We find ourselves at the darkest time of the year, where the days are short and the nights are long. We will also be at the darkest time of the month, with the Dark of the Moon emerging on Monday 25 July.
This is not a time for doing. This is a time for being, and letting things emerge from within.
What is it that hides in your darkness? Which feelings do you not allow yourself to feel?
What really wants to be felt and witnessed by you, when you stop running and sit still?
Using the distinctions and tools from Possibility Management, this afternoon will allow you to explore the “Feminine” and reconnect with your inner wisdom, uncovering parts of yourself that have been hidden in the dark.
The Feminine is a part that hasn’t received enough attention in standard culture, and hence tends to get pushed into the darkness.
By connecting with your Feminine, you recover your own deep wisdom.
Any questions?
Message or call Julia: 0272340054 /
Main Spaceholder:
Julia Neumann
Hillsborough (private venue, details upon registration).
$100 pp. Or call to discuss other options.
To register:
E-Mail or call Julia. 0272340054 /


Jul 24 2022


13:00 - 18:00




Hillsborough, Auckland


Julia Neumann

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