Expand the Box Training

Expand the Box Training: Unfold your Being

How do you create the world your heart knows is possible?
How do you gain access to the vast universe of possibilities out there that aren’t accessible to you if you’re still locked into your old, conditioned behaviour patterns?
How do you learn to feel and use your feelings as a resource?
Where do you find authentic adulthood initiation?
Modern culture knows nothing about conscious initiation into adulthood.
Expanding your Box is a necessity if you’re really interested in shifting out of childhood into free and natural adulthood.
EXPAND THE BOX TRAINING is a Gateway into your adulthood initiation. It is a 3 to 5-day full immersion training designed to help you radically shift your perspective and empower you to take more responsibility for your life.
It is designed to help you grow up from your survival mechanism, your Box, to becoming alive and potent in your adult ego state. In order to unfold your Being, your core state, which is unconsciously protected by your Box, you will need to bring consciousness into your life.
Join us in this 4-day training to transform your box from defensive to expansive, from survival mode to creation. As your old box mechanisms fall apart the path becomes cleared for your Being’s Aliveness.
We will experientially explore the ability to:
:: Be present in your own centre
:: Navigate feelings and emotions
:: Let go of past patterns
:: Find your blockages to being authentically yourself and access possibilities for transformation
:: Authentically connect with other human beings
:: Communicate clearly and passionately
:: Shift drama into creation
:: Creatively collaborate
:: Unfold your potential and give your soul a voice
:: Reveal the unconscious part in you: your underworld
:: Create the community your heart is longing for.
Expand The Box Training provides you with the context of self-responsibility and qualifies you to attend a Possibility Lab. It is a doorway into the unlimited vast potential of possibility. This is the core training from Possibility Management, a transformational context for upgrading life into high level fun adulthood.
Financials: $650-950 plus costs for food ($200 for 4 days, excl. breakfast)
You organize your own accommodation. Camping is possible on the venue grounds.
Trainer: Julia Neumann


Oct 21 - 24 2022


09:00 - 15:00




Private Venue Kerikeri


Julia Neumann

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