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BOUNDARIES – Workshop for Women

Many women are scared of their own boundaries.
“What if the other doesn’t like me then?”
“What if I then don’t get what I want from them?”

More importantly, when you have a boundary, the violation of the boundary has a consequence. That can be really scary, too, because it means it may get (even more) uncomfortable for you. Say, you state your boundary as to what the minimum is of what you are willing to accept as your wage or payment, and the other says No. What then? If you honor your boundary, you will need to look for another employer or client. That can be quite uncomfortable.

The thing is: Boundaries are not about the other. They are about you, about your space, about your dignity and your integrity.

In the attempt to be nice, reasonable and not offend others, women who neglect their own boundaries start turning inwards against themselves by
– hating themselves for being a pushover,
– doubting themselves
– confusing themselves
– over-analysing a situation,
– thinking in circles and going nowhere,
– getting depressed, and more.

The way out is astonishingly simple: Learning to know and stand for your boundaries frees up your energy and gets you where you want to go with your energy and attention.

This 2hr online workshop offers women an experiential “cross on the map” of where you are at with your boundaries, and allows you to experiment with making and honoring your boundaries.

When: Wednesday 7th February, 7-9am CET = 7-9pm NZT
Where: Via Zoom (link provided upon registration)
Price: EUR 49 / NZD 59

To register: https://forms.gle/oUq1XzdDHMwyMbJS8


Feb 07 2024


19:00 - 21:00






Julia Neumann

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