Anger Training for Women

Awaken your Creation Force: Women’s Rage Club

Dear Woman,
This is a fantastic time to be alive. Matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course, and the next cultures are emerging across the globe. It is literally in your hands to create the most beautiful world your heart and womb know is possible. It is your job to co-create the culture you want to thrive in. When Women create their authentic culture, regeneration happens. Women are designed for that.
How are you going to meet this opportunity?
Waking up to the power of your conscious Anger is key.
Women are so angry. And yet you were taught that anger is bad, wrong, inappropriate, uncivilized, childish, dangerous, crazy. Most women were taught so well that they “don’t feel angry”, and then they doubt themselves, criticize themselves, and turn their anger inward in many other ways.
Suppressing the creative force of anger is an effective strategy to stay small, powerless, confused, depressed and perpetually giving your center, your voice and your authority away to your parents, teachers, bosses, and other hierarchical figures.
Even if you make anger wrong and repress it, it is still there, but unconsciously. So, it does the exact things you don’t want it to do: blame, resentment, aggression, passive-aggressiveness, and just overall a war energy.
Fortunately, something completely different is possible right now.
Rage is a neutral source of information for your creative life force, your creation force. In this journey you will explore how to use it to:
  • Say NO, and YES
  • Set and hold boundaries
  • Discover what you deeply care about
  • Be Centered and Grounded
  • Take a stand
  • Destroy and Create
  • Reclaim your Clarity, your Voice and your Authority
  • Become Conscious of your anger to change what you want to change
  • Be Present
This is a Training environment. That means you will get to experientially shift your relationship to anger, not just mentally.
6 Sessions. Online.
Mondays, March 25 to April 29 at 7-9pm NZT / 7-9am CET / 8-10am CEST (starts 1 April)
Find your own time zone here:
NZD / EUR / USD 240 – 120


Mar 01 2024


08:00 - 18:00

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