Image by Pheye Creative

Grand learning environments which I originated and co-created with various teams of Cultural Creatives:

Matapouri, New Zealand

The Sourcery

A gateway to your own source, empowering you to reconnect with your Magic.

Auckland, New Zealand

Ahi o te Manawa

Next Culture Research Center

Tokaanu, New Zealand

Dignity Women’s Bridgehouse

A living experiment of Women stepping out of patriarchy, to learn together how to source Archiarchy.

Wainui Bay, New Zealand

Radically Alive Women

A path for Women to become radically alive and stand in their power, with their unique wisdom.


Radically Alive Women Edgecast

Weekly broadcast for Edgeworkers who sense or know that something radically different from how we have done life in patriarchy is possible.

Radically Alive Women Heart-Quarters

Community building by building a recording and creation studio.

Tokaanu, New Zealand