We have been quiet about our Possibilica Village Hub these last couple of weeks. It was a loud silence. A lot has been happening. It has been stormy, it has been wild. It has been liquifying and evolutionary. I still am mid-flight into the groundlessness of being human with ideas, plans, commitments, and then facing into the void that comes when I realise there is no ground. Good thing that humans are designed to fly.

Two weeks ago, we realised that the experiment of hosting Possibilica Village Hub on the land — Waitorupai in Northland — did not work out. Two of the main land spaceholders had a No for living in a Village after all. Our almost 7 weeks of experimenting with each other made that clarity possible, and I am grateful for that.

After another journey of continuously clarifying, I took back the name “Possibilica Village Hub”. It no longer is. I have a sense that it is about more than the name. As I write, I feel immense sadness about that. It’s a deep letting go of something that sung to my heart and soul.

Some of us went through a process by the beach, building sand castles, sensing with all our 5 bodies into the next place to live in and what the community would look and feel like. It became clear that for the next to emerge, that which no longer is has to go. So I buried the name, and I buried that version of the Village that I had dreamt of living in.

What remained was an empty space. Only the rough surface of the sand gave hint of the sand castle that once was, and even that was soon reclaimed by the ocean’s tide rolling in. It made the impermanence of all things so obvious. The beach stays, like a stage (an ever-changing stage). Creatures come and go, leaving their marks in the sand for a little while, until the tide comes in and cleanses it all, preparing the stage for the next stories to pass through.

It’s the same when I empty a house or a room after having lived there. It amazes me how it is so real with all the things in it, and then I take them out and all that is left is the room. The room gives a hint of the fact that someone had a life there, but the impermanence moved through it and swept it clean. Someone else moves in. New memories are created. At some point in time, even the room gives way to something else. And so does the beach.

Possibilica Village Hub, designed as a Gaian Gameworld dedicated to Evolution, hence is a success. It did not fight evolution. It went right into it. Evolution is happening, and what emerges next remains to be seen.

Thank you all for your big Yeses, your cheering on, your consulting and questions, and your dreaming.

Julia Neumann

I am a pioneer exploring the edges of current realities, venturing into unknown territories to collaboratively co-create a regenerative culture in service of life. The best way I know how is to empower you to bring forth your unique gifts and dreams.

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