Transformational trainings and workshops in the context of Possibility Management.

Possibility Management is rooted in radical responsibility and offers a context for modern initiation into adulthood for a sustainable life on this planet.

This body of work is for those hungry for evolution, and ultimately: for life. You will need courage to go where your Box, your automated survival strategy, doesn’t want you to go.

(Photo by  by Milena Parobczy)

Women's Gathering

I offer spaces in which you learn to consciously feel your anger, sadness, fear and joy: Rage Clubs, Fear Clubs, and Sadness Clubs. You will learn to navigate your feelings as a resource for your life; it is a necessary step in the initiation of being a radically responsible adult.

In “Radically Alive“, I bring women to gather: we co-create next women’s culture based on learning to consciously feel and be radically honest with each other.

Women birth a next culture.

Expand the Box

There are many possibilities out there for you to start over. The interesting question is:

Will you?

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