I offer a range of services from individual coaching sessions to group trainings, both online and offline.


Individual coaching sessions serve to make space in you to find clarity about your life purpose and what you are here for. For this to become a real possibility and not just a fantasy bubble, your survival mechanisms will need to be identified and transformed. This becomes possible through emotional healing work besides initiation work and practice.

I offer emotional healing processes as well as possibilities for practice, and Being interviews to distill that which comes through you naturally.

I work in the context of Possibility Management. This means we will use the core distinction that there are only 4 feelings: anger, sadness, fear, joy, and that they are neutral energy and information to serve your life purpose. You will get to experience that none of these feelings is “negative”, and that they are fuel for your life force.


The most important first step for any woman who wants to take her empowerment journey seriously is for her to gain access to the power of her conscious anger. Your conscious anger as a woman is likely to be one of the most neglected resources that you have.

My conscious anger programme includes:

  • Individual coaching 1:1
  • Group training in Women’s Rage Club
    • Women’s Rage Club 1.0
    • Women’s Rage Club 2.0
    • Women’s Rage Club Spaceholder Training


  • Individual coaching 1:1
  • Group training in Women’s Fear Club
    • Women’s Fear Club 1.0
    • Women’s Fear Club 2.0


3 months journey in a team of Women to get your project off the ground. It is a training to build out your gameworld, build your circle, and overcome your skillfully crafted self-sabotage mechanisms.

Includes weekly 2.5hrs group sessions, weekly check-ins in your 3cell, weekly emotional healing processes in an EHP Dojo, and a Telegram group