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Unhookable Training

You know what it’s like to be hooked. Someone says something, or does something, that doesn’t fit into your world view, and you get offended. The hook hits you deep in your heart and you don’t even notice because it seems so familiar to you to react in that way.
Being hooked is an energetic state where you lose access to the infinite possibilities to act and create intimacy and to create possibilities in general. Your only available option is to cut off connection – with others and yourself: blaming, withdrawing, silent punishing, etc.
Becoming Unhookable is like learning to run an obstacle course with elegance. You possibly avoided your internal hook of “not being able to say what you want to say”, but as soon as the other is hooked and reactive to your new way of speaking, you are hooked by their
You can learn to become Unhookable. That is what we will train together as a Team during Unhookable Training.
Training to become Unhookable will help you to:
♾️ Stay centered, grounded, and bubbled, no matter what.
♾️Have access to nonlinear ways of acting and improvising in challenging situations like it was a “conscious theater”.
♾️Radically create what you are here to create, without excuses.
♾️Badassing your good/nice boy/girl adaption box that is holding you back.
♾️Discover your specific mechanisms – how you get hooked by others and yourself.
♾️Identify the strategy of your Gremlin in throwing hooks unconsciously at other people.
♾️Create new-found intimacy in your relating with others by shifting your identity to Unhookable.
♾️Get tools to set stuck projects underway. Unhook your projects!
♾️Distinguish between emotional, “hooked” anger from feeling conscious anger.
♾️Shift “hard to navigate” spaces with your clients and teams to Extraordinary.
♾️Free the Conscious asshole in you to serve you on your life’s mission.
This is a radically honest, radically responsible, high-level fun practice and experimentation space. Come as you are, and change your shape into Unhookable.
You will need to have participated in at least one Rage Club to be able to attend.
Read more on becoming Unhookable here:
Space holders:
Julia Neumann and Dor Sharabi
Four Thursdays, starting June 8th
8-10 am CET
Where :
On zoom.
Your Investment:
USD 130-260 siding scale.
Register here:
Or email
Julia Neumann
Or Dor Sharabi
in case of more questions.


Jun 08 2023


18:00 - 20:00






Julia Neumann

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