Moontime – Gateway to Source

As a woman you’ve grown up with no initiation into one of the most significant shifts in your life – the beginning of your blood flow, your transition into adolescence and the ability to give birth to new life.
You have learnt to be a ‘better man’ in modern culture, overriding your body’s wish to slow down, retreat and harvest the last month’s gold. Instead, you ‘can still go to work’, ‘lift heavy boxes’, ‘create and hold events’, ‘ and get over it’. In fact – you might be secretly wishing not to be a woman to have this ‘problem’.
What if your moontime is the gateway to the healing of your feminine parts? To your Everything, to slowing down, to being reverent to your senses, to nourishing yourself by asking for what you want,
In this WorkTalk you get to explore your own mechanisms during this profound time of the month as well as open doorways to a different culture – one where Women have authority over their bodies.
When: 31st August, 6pm-8pm NZT/ 8am-10am CET (online)
Spaceholders: Annika Korsten & Julia Neumann
This event is part of a fundraiser to build Radically Alive Women Heart-Quarters (RAW HQ). Minimum donation: NZ$ 20 / EUR 20, no maximum.
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This Work-Talk is part of a series of three WorkTalks. The next two will be on the 7th & 21st September.
After the WorkTalks, Julia and Annika will offer a 3-month container to dive deep into the research and healing of women’s moontimes.


Aug 31 2023


18:00 - 20:00

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